609-586-5136. Susan or Connie


2503 Nottingham Way

Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

MONDAY thru SATURDAY  10am  -5pm

During this Difficult Time we will deliver or ship goods to you.  Also pick up at door!  Call us 609-586-5136

Ours is a story of Generations dating back to the 1950's when our Grandfather came to this country from Italy and opened a shoe repair shop in Trenton.  It then morphed into a shoe store and relocated to Hamilton Township, NJ.  How did we get to this, a Chocolate Shop?  Carella's Shoes needed a larger location and once they moved out of their 2503 Nottingham Way location they were wondering what to do with the store.  Well, my Dad and Uncle decided a Hallmark store would be a good idea.  And it was, for awhile.  A long while.  We still sell the Hallmark brand at our Chocolate location but we sell a whole lot of good, quality, delicious Chocolate also.  My sister Joan is the chocolatier and she can make any type of chocolate mold you can imagine.  We do custom molds and custom trays and baskets that fit your budget.  Just give us a call!

My brothers are running the shoe store now and my sister Joan and I own the Chocolate business.  Wonder which of us has more fun at our job?  We do hope that you will visit both stores.  We are located next to each other and the shops are independent of any type of center but we have plenty of parking and great customer service.  And hey, if you want a sample of our Chocolate, just ask!