Novelty Candies

These novelty candies are great to use for baby or wedding favors, for corporate events, card parties or any type of party. Carella’s Chocolates will bag and ribbon each favor for you. Ribbons may be customized.

Below are just a few examples of what we offer.

novel--01Gummi Worms
novel--02Swedish Fish
novel--03Licorice Bridge Mix
novel--04Sour Patch Kids
novel--05Dutch Mints
novel--06Smooth and Melty Mints
novel--07Mint Lentils
novel--08Jordan Almonds
novel--09Licorice Bites
novel-10Strawberry Wheels
novel-11Black Jelly Bellies
novel-12Roulette Mints
novel-13Solid Chocolate Roulette Chips
novel-14Patriotic Chocolate Foiled Balls
novel-15Chocolate Mint Playing Cards
novel-16Chocolate Pansies
novel-17Happy Birthday Packages
novel-18Soccer Balls Milk Chocolate
novel-19Basketballs Solid Milk Chocolate
novel-20Baseballs Milk Chocolate
novel-21Chocolate Silver Coins
novel-22Chocolate Pennies
novel-23Red Foil Hearts
novel-24Gold Foil Hearts
novel-25Silver Foil Hearts
novel-26Pink “It’s a Girl” Star
novel-27Blue “It’s a Boy” Star
novel-28Red Foil Stars
novel-29Silver Foil Stars
novel-30Gold Foil Stars
novel-31Blue Foil Stars
novel-3249 Count Jelly Bellies
novel-33Peanut Butter Bug Bites